Emancipation is a legal procedure that frees children from the custody and control of their parents or guardians before they reach the age of majority (In CA, this age is 18). If you become emancipated, you will be able to do certain things without your parent’s consent, such as:

      * consent to medical treatment

      * apply for a work permit

      * sign your own contract

      * enroll in school or college.

You will also give up your right to be supported by your parents.

Even if you are emancipated:

       * You must still attend school

       * You cannot get married without parental consent

It requires that the minor be fully capable of supporting themselves (ie. a regular job), and be living on their own.  In California, you must be 15 years old, and you must have your parent’s permission to petition the court for emancipation. Emancipation also allows the child access to their Coogan account money, and they will no longer have to with hold Coogan funds from their paycheck. Until they have graduated from high school, they still need a work permit—but as emancipated minors, they need no parent signature.

You can learn a lot more about emancipation by reading Legal Services for Children’s Emancipation Manual . This manual has a lot of answers about emancipation for teenagers.Read the Emancipation Pamphlet (Form MC-301) for more information about the court process.