Section 39 – Juvenile Actors:

The following special provisions shall apply to Actors aged under sixteen (16) years at the time of signing:

     A. Juvenile Actor may not be called to understudy or brush-up rehearsals which would intrude on the

          Actor’s normal school day more than once per calendar week.

     B. Producer shall be responsible for providing services of an accredited or licensed tutor while the

          company is on tour and during the period of out-of-town try-out until one week following the official

          opening at the Point of Organization.

     C. Producer shall provide a responsible person to supervise Juvenile Actors during the rehearsal period

          and, after the first public performance, from half-hour until Juvenile Actor is called for by a responsible

          parent or guardian after curtain down. Such person shall not be assigned any duty under jurisdiction of

          Equity or another theatrical craft Union which conflicts with the supervision of Juvenile Actors.

     D. Juvenile Actors shall be permitted to accept publicity assignments in accordance with Rule 52,

          Photographs and Publicity, provided such activities do not interfere with the Actor’s normal school day.

     E. A Juvenile Actor may be signed to a Six-Month Run-of-the-Play Contract in accordance with Rule 16

         G(1), Contracts.

     F. Whenever a Juvenile Actor is required to live away from Actor’s permanent residence as registered with

         Equity and further provided the Juvenile Actor is traveling with a parent or legal guardian not regularly

         employed in the production, Producer, in addition to any other payment required, shall pay a Juvenile

         Actor not less than one-third of minimum out-of-town expense money required by Rule 63 B.