Presence of a Parent or Guardian Of Minors Under Sixteen (16) Years Of Age [8 CCR 11757]

  • parent or guardian of minor under 16 years of age must be present with and accompany such minor on the set or location
  • must be within sight or sound at all times

    Exception: No one shall be allowed in an area utilized by the Producer as a school facility except the teacher and those minors being taught (SAG Agreement)

Responsibilities of Parents or Guardians

  • all minors under eighteen (18) years of age (except emancipated minors exempted from 8 CCR) who have not completed their compulsory education requirements must have a valid entertainment work permit [8 CCR 11753] from a Department of Labor Standards Enforcement office
  • parent or guardian is to make company aware of school requirements of minor (i.e., if minor is in year-round school, needs special subject matter, etc.)
  • must be present with, and accompany, a minor under sixteen (16) years of age on the set or location and be within sight or sound of said minor at all times [8 CCR 11757]
  • if any minor under sixteen (16) years of age is not called to the set but is called for a period of up to one (1) hour into wardrobe, make-up, hairdressing, promotional publicity, personal appearances, or for audio recording, when such minor’s school is not in session…minor must be accompanied by a parent or guardian [8 CCR 11762]
  • parents and guardians are not permitted to bring other minors not engaged by Producer to the place of employment without Producer’s specific permission (SAG Agreement)