What is Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work?

The SAG-AFTRA Merger Agreement specifically provides that the AFTRA “No Contract/ No Work” Rule and SAG Global Rule 1 will continue to apply after merger just as they always have. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, SAG Global Rule 1 and the AFTRA No Contract/No Work Rule are substantially the same.

The fact that AFTRA’s No Contract/No Work rule applies differently in single employer situations will not change the way Global Rule 1 is enforced and No Contract/No Work apply in areas such as commercials, scripted TV, interactive, etc. Global Rule 1 and No Contract/No Work will continue to be the basis for organizing in the areas to which they have traditionally been applied.Overview

We Stand Together

No Contract/No Work and Rule One are among the founding principles and strengths of our union: we stand together as actors and do not work without a union contract, where there are multi-employer industry-wide contracts in place. Up until May 1, 2002, Rule One was enforced on productions shot in the United States. Now global rule one applies to members working outside the U.S. for foreign producers.

Global Protection

Beginning on May 1, 2002, SAG expanded its protections globally to better serve the needs of members in this rapidly changing, global entertainment economy and to ensure that the protections of the Guild follow our performers wherever they may work.

Similarly, AFTRA’s No Contract/No Work Rule applies to all AFTRA members, regardless of category, in jurisdictions where there are multi-employer, industry-wide agreements—for example, commercials, non-broadcast, scripted television, and interactive – just like SAG’s Global Rule 1. The No Contract/ No Work Rule, however, does not automatically apply in jurisdictions where there are no multiple employer, industry-wide agreements. Organizing and negotiations in those areas must be done on a single employer, “shop-by-shop” basis. In those cases, for significant legal and practical reasons, AFTRA has not automatically applied the No Contract/No Work Rule unless there is an active organizing drive underway.

More Information

For information on Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work, please contact the appropriate SAG-AFTRA Contracts Department as follows:

Theatrical Motion Pictures: (323) 549-6828

AFTRA Contracts: (323) 634-8176
SAG Contracts: (800) 205-7716
AFTRA Contracts: (323) 634-8160
SAG Contracts: (323) 549-6858
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