Minors of any age may appear in the following venues without permits [LC 1310]:

* In any church, public or religious school, or community entertainment;

* In any school entertainment or in any entertainment for charity or for children, for which no admission fee is charged;

* In any radio or television broadcasting exhibition, where the minor receives no compensation directly or indirectly therefor, and where the engagement of the minor is limited to a single appearance lasting not more than one hour, and where no admission fee is charged for the radio broadcasting or television exhibition;

* At any one event during a calendar year, occurring on a day on which school attendance is not required or on the day preceding such a day, lasting four hours or less, where a parent or guardian of the minor is present, for which the minor does not directly or indirectly receive any compensation;

* High school graduates and minors who have been awarded a certificate of proficiency pursuant to EC 48412 (such certificate being equivalent to a high school diploma), also does not require permits [LC 1286 (c), 8 CCR 11750].