Educating Youngstars

Work Permits for Minors

  • needed by all minors desiring to be employed in the Entertainment Industry
    [8 CCR 11753]
    • exception: if a person has satisfied the educational requirements of the State of California (i.e., Proficiency Certificate or high school diploma), no work permit is needed
  • can be obtained by the new online process, by mail or in person from local DLSE offices
  • normally valid for six-month period
  • a TEMPORARY 10-DAY Entertainment Work Permit is available to minors at least 15 days old and under 16 years old. Applications for minors 15 days to one month old require submission of written certification by appropriate medical personnel. This permit will not be issued to minors who have already applied for or been issued an Entertainment Work Permit. This is a one-time temporary permit which is issued immediately without the birth certificate or school approval normally required for a 6 month Entertainment Work Permit. There is a $50.00 fee
  • If a parent or guardian wishes to apply for an Entertainment Work Permit, a 10 Day Permit, or Renewal to an existing Permit for a Minor online, go to
  • if you wish to apply by mail or in person, the application for permission to work in the entertainment industry must be filled out completely and mailed along with any required documents and a pre-addressed, stamped envelope to any office of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
  • for a printable version of the application for permission to work in the entertainment industry go to
  • find the nearest DLSE Office on page 80 of The Blue Book or go to
  • the Van Nuys Office, located at 6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 100, is available for walk-in service. Please call for hours (818-901-5484)
  • parents and guardians must carry with them a physical, hard copy of the permit for the Studio Teacher to verify and sign
  • if studio teacher or DLSE can not verify existence of current work permit, approval to work should not normally be granted [Div. Mgt. Memo 87-1]
  • the validity of an online Entertainment Work Permit can be checked 24/7 at Click "permits" on the blue bar

Temporary 10 day entertainment work permits are now available in CA online--instantly.

The link to access the application is here:

The new Temporary 10 Day Permit costs $50. You can get it without school permission, but babies up to 1 month old will still need to have a doctor's note.

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