Educating Youngstars

Meal Period


  • hours at place of employment are exclusive of meal period [8 CCR 11761]
  • work day may not be extended by meal period longer than 1/2 hours [8 CCR 11761]
  • must be no longer than 6 hours from call or 6 hours from end of preceding meal period [IWC 12-80, 11 (a)]
  • if a studio teacher determines that a child is uncomfortable and hungry, studio teacher may require that an earlier meal period be given [Div. Mgt. Memo 87-1]
  • any amount of meal time exceeding 1/2 hour is considered rest & recreation time
  • if minors are required to eat on the premises, a suitable place for that purpose is to be provided [IWC 11-80 & 12-80, 11 (c)]

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